Who Am I?

Like Really?

Hey All!

I don’t really know or understand the full weight of this question, but I can tell you what I do.

I’m female and I’m Jamaican. I love the beach and pool and I love meeting people. I’m a lover of colours and field trips!

I’m an architecture student…struggling to leave the clutches of my university. While I struggle however, I practice design in many ways. I freelance for other architects and I do a lil sumpn sumpn (“something” in Jamaican) on the side.

I also graphic design. So, flyers and stickers and logos and whatever people ask me to do that I know I can do. And I’m good at it.

I paint. As in, artwork. Mostly abstracts but many different types of abstracts and if I ever had the time and funds and the loads of paints and canvases like what Jim Carrey has, I would paint as much as I wanted to.

I LOVE planning events. Parties, showers, dinners… all of it. And I love to manage them and make sure they’re a success and executed well. I really enjoy doing that.

I also love food. Man, do I love food. I love going places and trying new foods. I love going to events and trying foods. I love meeting chefs, and finding out their inspirations for using ingredients. And one day, I hope to have a kitchen equipped to prepare the meals I fantasize about on all these Netflix shows and Pinterest and YouTube.

But at the root of it all, my people know that I am a resource. I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING, quite far from it, but if you ask me, I’m willing to find out for you. I’ve found that, that’s how I learn. And I enjoy doing that for people who enjoy my opinion.

So stay tuned to this blog and you will get a good look into my life and what I enjoy as I share my adventures with you!

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  1. Welcome, from a fellow Jamaican WordPresser! 🙂

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